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Jordan's very capable use of his unique invention- MorphWiz must be a Godsend to his road crew. It's important to note that no Moog synthesizers were harmed in its production. - Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer

It is great to see how the Continuum Fingerboard has inspired such a cool music App! - Lippold Haken, inventor of the Haken Continuum

MorphWiz is a deep and expressive musical instrument. Under the hood is a powerful synthesizer, and on the multitouch surface is a unique and expressive way to control pitch, timbre and loudness. with your fingers. It is an innovative instrument that offers precise control that, with practice, allows you to fully express your musical ideas. MorphWiz makes you want to master its incredible power and provides a very satisfying musical experience! This app is to me the first truly 5 star app in the music category! Deep, Powerful, sounds, great, stable , well thought out. - David Mash, Vice President for Technology and Education Outreach, Berklee College of Music

This thing is a hoot and very useful as well. I am not a keyboard player, but I can sure sound like one when I use this. It's an amazing synthesizer solo producer. Kind of like Jordan himself... - Chris Halaby, President and CEO of Muse Research

MorphWiz is awesome. MorphWiz is perhaps the most finely-articulated and badass keyboard synth on the iPad. MorphWiz, by design, affords incredible expressive subtlety for anyone who explores its endless possibilities. Rock on!!! If Jordan Rudess transformed into an iPad app, it would be MorphWiz. - Ge Wang, Co-founder, CTO and Chief Creative Officer of Smule, creators of Magic Piano and Ocarina